Which Camp?

If your child has not been to camp before, then I’m sure you’ll be asking yourself this question – If they have been to one of our camps I’m hoping you will come straight to us next time.

Which camp to choose for your child is a really important choice. It’s a great idea, where time permits, to go and
check out a camp when it is operating so you can get a feel for it, or speak to other parents whose children have
already attended camp there. Social media is a great way to put ‘feelers’ out – ask for pro’s and con’s of different camp’s you are thinking about for your child.

What activities does your child like, or would like to try? Find out if the camp’s activities match up with the one’s you are thinking about. That said, if the camp have a lot of varied activities it is a good opportunity to allow your child to try something new, develop some different skills which they may not have thought of trying or had the opportunity to before – For instance, My elder son loves football and was keen to do this at camp but also found that he enjoyed taking part in the talent show’s, cooking and dodgeball. We discovered my younger son gave Ronaldo a run for his money in the dribbling department – so he’s started to go to football lessons after school this term!

Camp timings, reputation, safety procedures, and of course teaching staff are all equally important factors in determining your choice of camp Рcheck all of this out with the camp themselves, they should have an open policy about these kinds of questions. Click here to book


indoor activity

indoor activity

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